The Cute Ninja

I spent two days on this little ninja, although it really only took about two hours to crochet all the pieces to put it together. There’s no pattern for this little guy (I ended up not using the amigurumi ninja pattern I found online), so I was just kind of winging it, using an image of the ninja from the online comic Little Gamers.

My brother is a big fan, and he’s coming back from the Congo in about 10 days, so I really wanted to make him something useful that he could take with him when he travels. If he goes back to Central Africa, he won’t really need anything that I could knit or crochet, but everyone needs a cute little doll to take around with them!

I’m hoping to put together the pattern and post it in the next few days. In the meantime, check out the Little Gamers and their adorable little ninjas!


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