And She’s Baaaaack!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 2 years since I last posted… It’s gone by so quickly. Although I can hardly remember life before my boys were born, it also seems like just yesterday, I had the time to knit and crochet, to design patterns and make jewelry… I actually thought about starting a new blog altogether, but that seemed like an awful lot of work. Plus, I know that there are readers out there, who have probably all but forgotten about me. But here I am!

Well, my boys are no longer babies. In fact, they’re apparently ginormous children. They’re 3 feet tall and about 32 lbs each, making it quite difficult for me when they both desperately want to be held–at the same time. Despite being so big, they’re still my little babies. And they know it. Mommy will hold and kiss and snuggle them whenever, where ever. However, they’ve also become quite good at entertaining themselves now, finally giving me a bit of time to return to some of the things I love–mostly, I’m referring to yarn. In case you were wondering… But I’m also excited to return to other things–like cooking and reading and blogging. I think I have two years’ worth of Food and Wine magazine and Martha Stewart Living to catch up on.
Our family recently moved (which, by the way, was quite the challenge with two-year-old twin boys running around. I recommend avoiding this type of major life change when you have two very curious, high energy, lunatic toddlers around), and during the packing process, DH was mortified to discover the size of my stash… So I’ve pretty much been restricted to knitting with what I’ve got–at least until my stash reduces by 50%–or unless I can sneak new yarn into the house and claim that it came from my stash, which I actually don’t think will be all that difficult considering that there’s no way he can possibly know what exactly is in those crates…
I have to admit though that my stash is rather ridiculous, and I need to get knitting. I don’t even know what I have in terms of yarn anymore… So the move has been good in that it’s forcing me to go through boxes and boxes of things that had been neglected. It’s definitely a slow process, but I’m making my way through the stockpiles of crap.
In the past few months, I’ve actually worked on a few things, although I didn’t have the time to post them. With classes in session, it was hard to find that extra time. But now, it’s officially summer break! So with joyous enthusiasm that rivals my students, I was my hands of any academic responsibilities (although that’s not necessarily true because there are a couple of books that I really need to read this summer, and I’ve got to work on a syllabus for next semester). But whatever–a girl can dream.
So here are recent finished projects:
Cabled wristwarmers – I made these for my awesome tattoo artist, Andrea at Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore to go with a scarf that I made for her (although I forgot to take a picture of the scarf before I gave it to her). Here’s a link to the pattern I used.

As I went through patterns on Ravelry, I found that I wasn’t really crazy about most of the patterns for wristwarmers or fingerless mitts. I wanted to make armwarmers that come up to the elbow, but also serve as fingerless mitts. And I wanted something other than the standard cable in the middle, but I didn’t want an elaborate or intricate design. So… I’m working on my own pattern. I’ll probably be a while before I get it written down and ready to post, but hopefully, I’ll be able to! It’ll actually be the first knitting pattern that I’ve designed. All of my other patterns have been very simple crochet patterns for amigurumi.
Chevron Lace Cardigan – When my mom was visiting this past winter, she and I worked on quite a few things. Mom’s a wonderful crocheter, but she doesn’t know how to read patterns. She really wanted to make this pattern, so we did it together. She made one for herself. I made one for me. I need to find the photo my mom emailed me of her’s… And I need to find mine and take a picture of it! So I’ll share soon. But if you hate seaming (like me) and want an easy and beautiful crochet pattern, then I absolutely recommend this one.
I better get back to reality… The boys will only occupy themselves for so long. Plus, I think Lincoln might have a panic attack if I don’t help him find his car…


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