Quick Knits and Other Craftiness

This whole not having to work thing is great for getting my craft on! I’ve worked on AND finished a number of projects recently. I love it! Now, if I could just figure out a way to make a living doing this… 😉

The biggest of my three projects was designing and knitting a PSP cozy for DH. The pattern is live on the Creative Momnesia blog. If you know someone who needs a PSP cozy, then this is the pattern for you! It’s a quick knit since it’s small, so even with DK weight yarn and size 3 needles, you could easily make it in just a few hours. Since DH is planning to get the new version of the PSP set to come out next year (or something like that–I don’t really keep up but DH keeps telling me about the new one…), I’m sure I’ll either modify or write up a new pattern when it does.

The next project I worked on was for my Creative Momnesia partner’s littlest boy’s first birthday. It was definitely a quick project as it really only consisted of gluing pieces together, but since crafting is definitely part trial and error, The Caffeinated Mommy let me know that the letter definitely needed to be screwed into the back of the frame rather than just glued on. Good to know! And sorry for the craptastic photo. I took it with my phone while trying to get the boys ready to go over to The Caffeinated Mommy’s house for a playdate. I’m actually amazed that I remembered to take it with me…

And finally, my most recent project–the dinosaur hat for a friend’s baby’s first birthday! I think it turned out really well, and I kinda want to make one for each of my boys now, although I really love the mohawk hats I made them not to long ago…

The pattern for this hat ended up being a combination of two different patterns, both of which can be downloaded for free on Ravelry. I came across the Dino Cap, and I had to make it! But the pattern called for a double layer of knit, and it just doesn’t get that cold here in the mid-Atlantic… So for the main part of the hat, I used the Cozy pattern, which is just a basic earflap hat pattern. And the result, super cuteness!


So that’s what I’ve been up to lately… Now, off to find another project!



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