Stereo Style Hat

I’m pretty impressed with myself right now–I actually managed to start and finish a project in just a smidge more than 24 hours! I cast on stitches for a hat yesterday while the boys were napping, and I put the finishing touches on it right after DH got home from work today. So hooray for me, right? 

It was a super easy project, despite not having a pattern to work with. I knit a basic baby hat with about an inch and a half of ribbing and the rest in stockinette stitch. The headphones, however, are crocheted. I put just a tiny bit of polyfil in the headphones, then sewed the headphones onto the hat. And voila! All done!
I’ll write up a quick how-to soon, but until then, enjoy these ridiculous photos of the boys in the Stereo Style hat! And if the hat looks a bit small, that’s because it is! I made it for a friend’s kid who’s only a year old right now. However, DH is in love with the hats and thinks I need to make two more for the boys… 
The photo on the left is Charlie, who is always far more willing to model hats for me. But I didn’t want Lincoln to feel like he wasn’t getting any love, so I pretty much forced him to put the hat on and stand there for photos… He was none too pleased, and this is the photographic proof of his misery:
He did cheer up a bit and by the time I was finished snapping away, he’d wiped away his tears and was down to a soft whimpering. 😉


  1. Super cute! I'm going to have to get some tips from you the next time I'm visiting my sister. Has she ever told you about the trials I encountered making hats for G? Sadness…

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