Where, oh where, does the time go?

ETA: I began writing this post about 2 weeks ago. *Sigh*…

I don’t even know what’s been going on this past month. Oh, wait… That’s right. I had to go back to work. And despite being only once a week, it’s been quite consuming. Plus, one of my boys was sick, and I was suffering from various pregnancy-related ailments… My morning sickness began to taper off, then I developed horrible headaches, then awful shoulder stiffness and pain, which also involved a sharp pain in my sternum every time I tried to stretch and push my shoulders back or take a deep breath. Then, once that pain worked itself out, I was hit with absolute and complete congestion. I couldn’t breathe for days. I’m pretty sure that I am currently a walking Public Service Announcement for birth control. Children, this is what will happen to you if you have unprotected sex. And in the past week or so, the morning sickness has returned. It’s not the all day affair that I experienced earlier on, but in the mornings, I get up and gag several times, which is always a great way to start off the day. I am now at 18w2d, and hoping that life will get better before it gets worse again during the 3rd trimester when I’m huge and uncomfortable. Although I imagine that if I survived carrying twins, carrying a singleton will be a breeze, right? Well, I would have figured that this entire pregnancy, but it has certainly not been the case!

When it comes to crafting, my handcrafting mojo hasn’t exactly returned, but I have finished a couple of things–mainly because I was given a deadline! I was asked to make Mickey and Minnie hats for a cousin’s niece’s wedding, and here’s what resulted:

I think they turned out pretty well, considering that I totally just made up the pattern as I was going along… The bride ears were much easier–I made a basic crochet hat, but cut it short so the bride can actually pin it into her hair. It doesn’t quite reach the ears. The challenge came when I had to attach the ears to the hat. Maybe if I had used a smaller hook (I used a size H, 5.0mm hook) and the stitches were tighter, the ears would have been less floppy… But once the ears were on, they flopped over. So my solution? I used pliable jewelry making wire to add a support to the ears. So the wire had to be weaved through the circumference of the ears and to make sure they remained standing, I made a support with wire that’s hidden on the inside of the hat. It wasn’t a very elegant fix, but the messy parts should remain hidden, so no problem.

The groom hat is quite silly. I know you can’t really tell in this image (I took a few photos of my mom wearing the groom hat, but she looks absolutely ridiculous and made me swear I wouldn’t post them anywhere), but the hat is quite large and has a real Dr. Seuss quality to it. I was a bit worried as I was making it because it was becoming more and more insane as I was working… But in the end, I think it turned out really well because there’s a very silly quality to it, which is actually quite perfect. I don’t know the bride and groom personally, but I imagine that if they want Mickey and Minnie hats for their wedding, they aren’t exactly going for serious! Plus, now I have some ideas for making a Dr. Seuss hat. I just need to find someone who wants one. 😉

I have a couple of other small items that I’ve been working on for a little baby girl, despite not knowing yet if I’m having a boy or a girl. Wishful thinking? Why, yes! Although, obviously, I’ll be happy with a healthy baby. But I happen to have two cousins who are also pregnant–all of us within 3 weeks of each other–we couldn’t have planned it better if we tried!–so I figure at least ONE of us will have a girl. These items still need to be blocked, so I’ll add photos soon.

My next project? I think I’m going to work on a hat that I promised a friend whose birthday was back in August… Oh whoops… And I told him I’d get it to him by the time it got cold. Well, baby, it’s cold outside. We went from summer to winter, skipping fall altogether… But of course, the rain hasn’t stopped… I think that I’m suffering from seasonal depression–we’ve had non-stop rain for about 2 months now with only little peeks of sunlight. I feel so much more productive when the sun is shining, and I can take my boys outside to run around. They’ve been cooped up in the house so much lately. Every morning, Lincoln looks out the window and says, “No rain, no rain!” :-/


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