Busy, Busy… Sweaters and hats!

The month of October was completely insane, and at the end of the month as we welcomed Halloween with the season’s FIRST SNOW here in Virginia, DH and I were packing our bathing suits for a trip to the beautiful island of Oahu! I left my boys for the VERY.FIRST.TIME (aside from the 24 hours earlier last month when we were at my parents’ house) and took a 12 hour plane ride nearly halfway across the world… It was nerve-wracking to say the least. And it absolutely didn’t help that I had somehow managed to develop a sinus infection right before the trip. Being in an airplane with a sinus inflection? Really not fun. I felt like my eyeballs were being pushed out of my head, and my ears refused to pop, and oh yeah…being 5 months pregnant doesn’t help. Luckily, DH got us seats in the exit row, so I could get up and walk around all I wanted without needing to disturb anyone.

So our week in Hawaii was AMAZINGLY restful, despite my awful sinuses. And I had planned to do a lot of knitting, wrapping up projects, and finally finishing patterns that I’ve been promising for quite some time… I managed one of those things! I finished knitting the Maile Sweater (Ravelry Project Link) for Lady Penelope, which I thought was perfectly fitting because the pattern is based on the leaves of a Hawaiian lei, and I even managed to find some purple buttons to finish it off! Obviously, I haven’t sewn the buttons on yet, but I’ll share some more photos once I get that done. I also have enough yarn leftover from one skein of Threeravens Superwash (I don’t have the label, unfortunately, so I don’t have any of the specifics on this yarn) to make a little matching hat. I should be able to create a simple hat pattern that mimics the maile leaf motif on the sweater.

I really like how it turned out, and I think it’ll be just perfect for Penelope in the spring. She’s going to be a late winter baby, so the 3 month size is perfect.

I also worked on a new hat–instead of working on existing projects/patterns. I really wanted to make a giraffe hat, and it’s great that baby/kid hats are so small. I can crank them out rather quickly, and if I stay focused, I can write the pattern down as I go! So I started and finished this little giraffe hat in a day, making it in 6-9 month size, and I’m happy to share a free pattern with you here! I’ve written the basic hat pattern in three different sizes (6-9 mo, 1-2 y, and 2-3 y), and the ears and antennae are all made in the same size. The ears and antennae could easily be made bigger–please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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