And We’re in Business!

All of the patterns discussed in this post are available for sale on Etsy
as well as on Ravelry. The advantage of Ravelry is that it’s an instant download. 

Since my last post, lots of exciting things have happened. Aside, of course, from the celebration of the holidays, which was a mixed bag here at the JuliaStitches household. We definitely had fun. This was the first Christmas that my boys seemed to have a grasp on what’s going on (they’ll be turning 3 in February), so it as really neat to watch them get excited about Santa Claus coming and opening presents the next morning. DH and I actually dragged our butts out of bed before the boys woke up so we could call them downstairs. And this NEVER happens! 😉 We also didn’t travel anywhere this year or have anyone over, so it really was a relaxing 4 day weekend. On the other hand, all four of us were sick with a cold. Nothing too terrible, but four congested, snotty, slightly feverish people in one house is not a lot of fun. Thankfully, we all seem to be on the mend.

Anyway, on to crafting news! My Etsy shop, jkwdesigns, is getting bigger every day! I started out with 10 products, and I’ve more than doubled it in the past two weeks. I’ve been very busy writing patterns, testing, re-testing… And in the process of testing out all these patterns, I’ve also managed to make tons of headbands, hats, and flowers. My pattern sales are doing well, although, of course, they could always be better! And I’m working on some new hat patterns that I’m really excited about. The tough part is not having a little girl to photograph in all these hats! They look so much better on a human head, and although the boys will do it if I ask, they look so miserable in the photos… Particularly Lincoln. 😉

So the only pattern that I’d introduced so far is the Sweet Magnolia pattern:

I worked long and hard on the Gardenias for Lady Day pattern, and I went through a number of prototypes before settling on this design. I think it turned out pretty great–worthy of the great Billie Holiday? Maybe?

Because I was experimenting with all these flowers, I needed someplace for them to go. So I whipped up this crochet headband/earwarmer pattern, and it’s actually been doing quite well in terms of sales! It’s absolutely suitable for beginners, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is definitely the pattern for you. You don’t have to worry about gauge–just get started and you’ll be done before you know it!

Next, I worked on a pattern for a cloche hat because well… I just love them. And again, I needed something to do with the flowers that I’d made. 😉 It’s super-stretchy and can fit a lot of different sizes, which is fantastic because I hate making hats for kids that will only last one season. With the band, it’s easy to slightly tighten the hat so it doesn’t fall off a little one’s head and gradually let out some of the band to accommodate a quickly growing child.

And my final work–I just wish the photos did the hat justice. It’s adorable. You can take my word for it. 😉

I just wish there were more hours in a day because once I can actually settle down to do some serious work (that’s after the boys have gone to bed), I really only have a couple of hours before I’ve got to turn in for the night or risk being an absolute zombie the next day. And it doesn’t help that this baby is literally trying to push her way out of me through my belly button…

I’m working on a new pattern right now for an adorable baby hat with a bit of a pixie twist… Then I’ve got an idea for a vintage inspired baby bonnet in the works… It’s almost like my brain is in complete over-drive right now. My hands can’t work fast enough for all the ideas I have in my head.

Case in point: this morning, Charlie made something ridiculous with his Lego blocks and stood at the back of the couch and said, “Mommy! Look! I’m fishing!” I looked over and he’d put a bunch of red Lego blocks together to make a long tower-like thing and on top of that, he’d put a Lego gas hose, which I guess was for the fishing line. And immediately, I had to make my boys something that would allow them to “go fishing.” So…Just from things I had around the house… I found two wooden dowels to use as fishing rods, some magnets, and, of course, yarn, and got to work. What resulted were 2 fishing poles (one blue and one green so there’s no war over the fishing poles) with crochet “hooks” with magnets in them. I was working on the first fish when the boys woke up from their nap, and thankfully, Mr. Charlie waited (not-so) patiently for the second fish… Unfortunately, the magnets aren’t quite strong enough… So I think I’ll either have to make the fish one-dimensional or get stronger magnets. I’m leaning toward stronger magnets since the fish are pretty darn cute. 😉 And here’s a crappy cell phone photo of my wonderful creation.


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