More House Hunting

In my last blog post, I was so naively optimistic about our search for a new home here in Seoul. Apparently, DH and I were unaware of the cutthroat business of renting apartments, and the one we picked out–the smaller home in a great location–was swept out from under us. We found ourselves nearly a month into the house search without anything to show for it because during the time that we believed we had a new home to when we found out the landlord wasn’t exactly forthcoming, two other apartments on our list of possibilities were rented out. So we started back from the beginning, and we felt rather discouraged since nothing we saw even came close to what we thought we had.

Until last Thursday, that it. On a lark, our real estate agent took us to see a place that isn’t exactly far away from DH’s work, but it’s not close either. And we absolutely loved it. With 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, there’s enough room for the whole family, and with space for DH to have his entertainment room/man cave, for me to have an office/crafting room, and for the kids to have a designated play area–it met almost all of our criteria. There were a couple of drawbacks with the place. The fact that it doesn’t have a dishwasher is quite an inconvenience, but not necessarily a deal breaker, but what I really couldn’t overcome was the fact that it doesn’t have a clothes dryer. According to the current tenants, a dryer could not be installed. Something about the gas lines not existing. And well, we just couldn’t believe her. How could a relatively recently remodeled apartment not have gas lines for a dryer? So our realtor took some initiative and called out a professional who informed us that a dryer could, in fact, be installed relatively easily. Just not right next to the washing machine.

Then, this morning, our realtor took us to see another apartment in the same complex as our original first choice. And it was even better than what we lost the first time around. But despite the great location, we couldn’t get over the fact that the other place–the 5 bedroom–offered so much more. For the location, we’d be giving up the kids’ playroom, DH’s man-cave, and my office/crafting room. That’s a lot just for a slightly shorter commute.

So, we’ve made our choice and it’s going to be 10 days until everything is official, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve spoken with the landlord’s representative, and he seemed very nice and forthcoming. We just may have our home for the next 5 years. 🙂


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