One step up

The past few days, I’ve decided to venture forth and try my hand at sewing something that required more skills and a bit more time than 40 minutes when the baby’s napping. A friend had recommended the Reversible Baby Pinafore pattern/tutorial, and amazingly, all the pattern pieces fit on a single pillowcase… So I figured, what the hell. If I screw up, it’s just a pillowcase, right?

I printed out the pattern pieces (the free pattern is for 6-12 month size, and Penny’s now wearing 12 month, but I figured that she can wear it as a top rather than at dress length), cut them up, lined them up and taped them… Then, I was at a complete loss. I tried cutting with the rotary cutter, but I screwed that all up. It was too hard to just cut the fabric. I found myself cutting the paper as well. Then, I tried scissors. And maybe I need to work on my scissor skills, but it kicked my butt. So after what felt like an eternity, I finally managed to get all the pieces cut. I swear, this process took longer than the actual sewing!

Once I started sewing the pieces together, it was very easy to follow the tutorial. I made a couple of mistakes, but they’re all on one side of the pinafore, and since it’s reversible and I used one fabric for both sides, Penny can just wear it on the side that doesn’t have issues. 😉 I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

I actually put Miss Penelope in a pair of white tights for the photos, but they were SO SMALL on her that the crotch was around her knees. :-/ Why does she keep growing so fast?!? It doesn’t help that all three of my kids are freakishly tall for their ages, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me because I’ll all of 5’1″. DH is average height, but he does have some crazy tall relatives. Maybe that’s where the kids get it from.

Anyway, once I finished that, I jumped into the next project, which only took about 1.5 hours. I worked on it for about 30 minutes while the kids were napping yesterday, then I wrapped it up after they went to bed last night. How’s that for a day’s work? Hand sewing the braided neckline onto the dress took a bit longer, but since I didn’t need the sewing machine, DH and I were able to watch an episode of Homeland (we just started Season 2).

This tutorial is from Make It & Love It, and it’s about as simple as dress-making goes. I made it out of one of DH’s favorite shirts (that I won’t let him wear anymore because it looks terrible–washed too many times, all out of shape, stains, etc.), so he especially loves the finished product.

I’ve discovered these past few weeks that there are a million things around the house that I can cut up and repurpose. The frugal me LOVES this. On the other hand, I REALLY, REALLY want to get to the big fabric market here. I want to go so badly that I’m actually considering dragging all 3 kids there–on the subway and everything. Sigh… 

Until then, I suppose it’s just fabric scraps for me. 😉


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