Namsan Cable Car and Seoul Tower

This weekend, we took another impromptu adventure, and increasingly, I’m appreciating the importance of planning ahead! 😉 We literally drove around THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN to find the cable cars, and really… We should know better than to visit a public place/landmark on the weekend. The kids were completely overwhelmed by the number of people, and we left tired and cranky.

There were definitely things that the kids enjoyed–the cable car, the elevator ride up to the observatory, the binoculars in the observatory, looking for our house (which we couldn’t find)… And the views from up there are really beautiful. But the whole place was just sensory overload for my apparently sheltered children! Plus, it doesn’t help that there’s a candy story in the observatory so just when my kids are the most overwhelmed, they were seduced by a brightly-colored wall of candy. In order to maintain peace and stability in our little family, I bought them candy. Luckily, I didn’t have to argue with them when I told them they could only have one piece of candy when we purchased it. The rest would be given to them as rewards for good behavior.

In the cable car on our way up Namsan

Between the cable car ride (26,000W) and our trip up to the observatory in Seoul Tower (28,000W) for a family of 4 (our 19 month old was free)…I’m not entirely sure that it’s worth the money. Well, that’s not true. Everything is worth the money when you capture moments like this!

Perhaps when the kids are a bit older, we’ll take them back, and maybe then the kids will be able to walk up Namsan.

Oh, and I should add that we tried to eat lunch at Seoul Tower, but at 11:45am, we were told that they weren’t serving food yet and to come back in 10 minutes. The kids were hungry, cranky, tired… And the boys agreed that we should just go back down the mountain and eat bibimbab where we parked our car. We ended up eating at the restaurant that is in the same building as the cable car entrance, and the food was excellent. It was a little pricier than what I would pay for things like naengmyun and bibimbab, but not by much, especially considering the Namsan cable car is a tourist attraction.


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