Korean War Memorial and Museum – Outdoors

On nice days when I don’t have the energy to take the kids on the subway, we venture out to the Korean War Memorial where my kids can just run around and climb things. The outdoor portion of the War Memorial is great, and one of the best features is a ship that kids can venture into and play in. It’s not a playground, but pretty darn close. My boys love coming here, and we have yet to even go inside the museum!

There’s an animal exhibition being held there, and from what I can gather from the website, it looks like it’s an educational exhibition about endangered animals. I can’t tell how “educational” it is, but Korea tends to have great exhibits for children. Hopefully, it’ll be another win!



  1. Hi, I’m Susan and live in Clarkston, Michigan, USA. I stumbled on your blog and am loving it! Recipes (I eat), crrochet (I do that too), and your children, twins and a girl (I have identical twin boys, Joseph and Joshua, and their older by 17 months sister, Jenna). The boys are now 18 and Jenna is 19. Your children are beautiful and I can see what a good mom you are. I have to take a guess at the order of the boys birth, the son in green was born first? Let me know if I’m right. My son, Joey, was born first and he has a fuller face than Josh. Josh is more sociable and outgoing, Joey is more of a deep thinker and has a rather adult sense of humor.

    Keep taking care of your beautiful family. I enjoyed your blog.

    1. You’re amazing! Yes, the one in green is my firstborn. And at 5, he’s already a deep thinker, often asks very thoughtful and thought-provoking questions. He’s quieter than his brother. Charlie’s extremely outgoing and would probably talk to a tree if no one was around! 😉 They’re both very sweet and sensitive little guys, though we always say that Lincoln feels things very deeply. I’m so glad that you visited my blog and said hello! Hope you stick around! 😉

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