Lotte World

One of the best things about the villa/complex we live in is our wonderful neighbor downstairs. She’s so wonderful to my kids, and so generous with her time. She’s been wanting to take us to Lotte World for some time. I think she used to take her grandkids pretty regularly, but now that they’re all in school, she hasn’t had any little ones to share the joy of an amusement park with. I’ve avoided amusement parks simply because my boys don’t know what one is yet and haven’t begged me to take them, and there are so many other places to take them that are closer and not as costly! But on a very cold and windy day, playing indoors was definitely a good option.

I can’t deny that they had a wonderful time. We got the all-access tickets, which means unlimited rides. There are plenty of rides for preschool-aged children, but with the exception of the rides in the Kids Zone, an adult (older child would probably work) has to accompany small children on the rides.

We went on a Tuesday morning while school was in session, hoping for a smaller crowd, but it was absolutely packed. I can’t even imagine what it’s like on the weekends! We waited in line for over an hour and a half for one of the rides, and ended up avoiding some other rides because the length of the lines. All in all, we had a good time, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend moms going alone with the kids. I had 3 other adults with me, which allowed me to relax my death grip on my kids’ hands, but with so many people walking around and a rather confusing layout, the place was pretty chaotic.

As for food, the options inside the amusement park are limited, and once you leave the park, you are not allowed to return. I recommend packing some snacks for your kids as all they have to snack on inside the park are things like ice cream and churros.

My 4 year olds can only handle so much excitement for one day, so after 4 hours, we had to call it a day. Within minutes of getting in the car, they were sound asleep!

For more information about Lotte World, visit their website, which is available in English. The website has information on pricing for the various ticket options as well as details on how to get there. For younger children, I would recommend just getting tickets for Kidstoria (7,000KRW) and paying for individual rides in the Kids Zone. Kidstoria is free for children younger than 12 months.


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