Animal Exhibition at the National War Museum

Back in October, my little Lincoln ran headfirst into a pole and cracked his head open as we were getting ready to go to the animal exhibition at the National War Museum and Memorial with friends. Charlie got to go, but Lincoln and I made our way to the ER instead. Since then, Lincoln reminded me on a daily basis that I needed to take him to see the exhibit. So, finally… We went. Lincoln was over the moon ecstatic. Charlie, on the other hand, expressed to me his boredom. Frequently. Can’t win ’em all…

This is a sampling of Lincoln’s joy:

 And Charlie’s displeasure:

The exhibit itself was visually attractive, but there really wasn’t too much substance to it. I suppose that if we could read and understand all the Korean text, the exhibition is supposed to teach children about endangered animals. There are a whole lot of photo ops, and staff is available to take photos for you at certain points, but other than that, there really wasn’t much for the children to do. There’s a small activity station at the end of the exhibit, and we spent quite a bit of time there drawing and playing with things that had very little to do with the exhibition itself! We were finished walking through the exhibit in about 35 minutes, so I’m not sure that it was worth the 36,000KRW we paid to get in… But who can put a price on Lincoln’s happiness, right??? 😉


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