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Crochet Throw Complete!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going back to the crochet hook to work on an afghan for my living room. Well, it’s finally done! It only took 3 weeks. πŸ˜‰ Part of the reason why I enjoy sewing so much is because it doesn’t take long to complete a project. However, the satisfaction of finishing a knit or crochet project is just so much greater.

The design for the throw was inspired by log cabin afghans. I really liked the geometric design, but my living room is limited to 3 colors–black, white and gray. Although I’m open to the idea of introducing splashes of color to the room, I really didn’t want to commit to a bright pop of color in something that would take me so long to make. Most log cabin afghan designs are for 4+ colors, so I had to sketch my own design.

Here’s the original sketch, drawn on construction paper with crayons because honestly, that’s all I could find!

Once I had the design thought out, I really had to decide whether I was going to knit or crochet this. And after about 10 seconds of genuine consideration, I decided to crochet it. Considering how impatient I am with my knitting/crocheting (which is why I tend to stick to pint-sized projects), I didn’t think I could keep it together long enough to knit this thing, so I grabbed the crochet hook and got started.

Here’s the finished throw–I love it! And I think it looks great in the room. I finished it just in time too because my 17 month old daughter recently took a blue ballpoint pen and drew on my pristine white couch. My afghan can now cover it up. :-/

I’m about mid-way through the process of writing the pattern down, so hopefully in the next few days, I’ll have a free pattern to share! Stay tuned!

A week in review

It’s been a busy week or so, which is amazing considering that I’ve been half-zombified by a stomach virus that thankfully has only affected me and not the children. I finally paid the doctor a visit today, and as with most things, saw the doctor and immediately felt better even before taking any of the meds he prescribed. Should have gone last week. :-/

Anyway, here’s a rundown of my recently completed projects!

I mailed off the onesies selected by the winner of my most recent giveaway. Congrats again to JediMeg! Hope you share photos of your dapper little man in his skinny tie onesie and untied bow tie onesie. πŸ™‚

I sent off a custom order of a toddler-sized aviator sunglass shirt.

I completed a dress for the shop. I made a similar dress for Miss Penny Penny a while back. The dress is made entirely of upcycled fabric and is a breeze to put on and take off since there are no buttons or snaps. Just slip it on and tie the ties in a bow or a double knot. It can be worn with the tie in front or in the back. Penny looks adorable in her version, and I would keep this for her if she didn’t already have a billion dresses to wear. πŸ˜‰

I worked on another dress that’s also available in the shop. This one is a prototype and I’m still working on some design elements. It’s made from upcycled t-shirts, so it’s a stretch cotton jersey. The dress is red and the collar’s black. It has some messy stitching on the inside of the dress, but it’s not noticeable from the front. Regardless, I’m selling this dress at half price since it’s not as “finished” as the other items in my shop.

I was able to score some 4T and 5T sized shirts for my line of super cool little boy shirts. Email me if you’re interested in purchasing. This one is in the shop. It’s a 4T size.

I made Penny a bubble dress a few months ago, and I absolutely adore it, so I had to make one for the shop. I’ll definitely be cranking out a few more of these. I improved the design so now it’s reversible! This one’s red on one side, gray on the other so it’s like having two dresses in one! Made of 100% upcycled fabric.

I had some rare one-on-one time with Mr. Charlie. We built a Lego Optimus Prime together.

Lincoln had his annual cardiology check-up and the official diagnosis from the cardiologist? His heart is awesome. πŸ™‚

More work on the living room… DIY photo canvases of the kids (they’re 16×20, which I thought was pretty big…but they seem so small on that massive wall).

Looking back at a week’s work, I’m feeling a bit better about the fact that I spent many hours in bed with an upset stomach and napping with my little Penelope asleep on my chest. πŸ™‚ Spoiled little princess…

Post-Birthday Craftiness

With Penelope’s first birthday party behind me, I’ve had a chance to dabble in some other crafty projects. Most of the projects have been little ones, mostly because the house isn’t entirely unpacked yet and I can’t really justify pouring myself into large projects when there are still boxes stacked up in the far corners of the house where I can continue to ignore them without feeling too guilty. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’ve been practicing with the sewing machine, mostly working with scrap fabrics so I don’t feel bad when something doesn’t work out. This has happened quite a bit. Haha!

When I came back from my parents’ house, my mom sent me home with a stack of fabric samples. The people who lived in her apartment before her owned a curtain business and left tons of fabric samples in the storage room. With the little squares of fabric, I made new couch cushions for our couch. I would have loved to put in zippers, but A) I don’t really know how to do that and B) the squares of fabric were BARELY enough to make the cushion covers. I’m pleased with how they turned out, and I figure that if the cushions get dirty, I have a whole stack of fabric to make new ones with!

I can now officially say that I can sew in a straight line. Woohoo!

During various naptimes, I’ve worked on some small items such as this cute little headband. The headband was made using a pair of tights that Penny’s grown out of. Cheers for upcycling fabric! The crochet flower is something that I’d made quite some time ago. It was easy enough to stick it right on.

I also put together this dapper little bow tie:

Β A couple pairs of baby leggings, which I’m obsessed with now since the weather is getting warmer and baby leggings with a onesie are such a convenient way to dress baby. Makes diaper changes and getting dressed to go out so super easy.

Β And finally, the biggest thing I’ve worked on lately is this crochet R2D2. Charlie has been asking me for a yarn R2D2 since before we moved… He’s finally stopped asking. πŸ˜‰

Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

After seeing a number of pins on Pinterest of cookie sheets that were beautifully transformed to magnet boards, I decided to have a go at it! I’m definitely pleased with the overall outcome, although next time, I’ll definitely be making some changes.

I used the Martha Stewart instructions for making a decorative tray out of a cookie sheet (minus the acrylic on top).

Using a spray adhesive, the fabric stuck very well to the front of the cookie sheet. Next time, I would pay a bit more attention to making sure that the spray adhesive goes on uniformly. There are a couple of spots that were a bit heavy on the adhesive, and a slightly darker color shows through the fabric. I thought it would dry but didn’t! The back of the cookie sheet was much tougher, but I wasn’t terribly concerned since it was A) never going to be seen once I hung it on the wall and B) was going to be covered up with a piece of felt anyway. In some spots, just for precision’s sake, I used my trusty ‘ole glue gun to hold the fabric down. There are probably better options–like fabric glue!–but the glue gun is what I had on hand.

And really, it’s just that easy! The cookie sheet has two holes, so it was easy enough to cut through the fabric just a tiny bit to weave a ribbon through. The bigger task was attaching magnets to all of my make-up! I used the stick on magnets that come in a roll, but I had to use the glue gun (again!) since the adhesive on those magnets are very weak.

Anyway, as I learned when I set the tray right side up…those magnets aren’t very STRONG either! They’re strong enough to hold everything up, but it doesn’t take much for the make-up to all come tumbling down! So buying better magnets is definitely in my future. The important part is, my make-up is now hanging on the wall rather than taking up counter space, and I no longer have to dig in m make-up bag for colors. I can see everything!

If I do this project again, I’m going to try the spray-paint method next…