List of Vendors at Dongdaemun Fabric Market

Sometimes, you go to Dongdaemun Fabric Market with a plan. You have a list of things you need and you know all those items are sold there. You wander around aimlessly for hours and return home, tired, frustrated, and STILL NEEDING ONE ITEM YOU JUST COULDN’T FIND! If it’s any consolation, we’ve all been there. Probably more than once. 😉 Hopefully, this list helps!

This is a list of vendors that I’ve put together with the help of other shoppers. If you have any that you’d like to contribute  or corrections that need to be made to the list, please let me know!

Generally speaking, similar items/fabrics can be found in the same vicinity, so look around these stalls for others that sell the same stuff, different colors, prints, etc.

Building-stall number / Description

*The first letter denotes the building, and the first number is the floor, so A-163 is in Building A, 1st floor, stall 163 and B-5215-6 is Building B, 5th floor, stalls 5215 AND 5216.

A-163 / My favorite yarn stall, colorful acrylic yarns sold in massive hanks, great selection of alpaca

A-148-150 / Yarn

A-2234 / Upholstery fabric

A-2248-50 / PUL fabric/oilcloth

A-331-3 / Yarn (wool, cotton, acrylic), knitting needles

A-5048-5049 / Felt (sold in sheets as well as by the yard), microfiber, wool, DIY kits, craft supplies

A-5073 / Ribbon, lots and lots of ribbon!

B-1389 / Tulle, sold by the roll (bulk)

B-2449 / Tulle, sold by the yard

B-3237 / Minky

B-5215-6 / Happy Quilt, lots and lots of woven cotton prints, seasonal items including Christmas fabric, fusible interfacing

C-1026 / Sewing notions, fabric adhesive (양면접착)

C-2158 / woven plaid prints, flannel

D-80-4 (basement level) / polyfil, pillows, down comforters

D-2606 / My absolute favorite stall for buttons!

D-3106 / My favorite woven cotton stall, basic colors (ranging from 2,000W-5,000W/yard), stripes, geometric patterns

D-3-247 / Woven cotton prints, excellent prices ranging from 2,000W-5,000W/yard, 2 yard minimum