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Amazing Riding Kids Park

**UPDATE (13 Nov 2014): The Amazing Kids Park is now CLOSED. 🙁
**UPDATE: The Amazing Riding Kids Park is now the AMAZING KIDS PARK (minus the riding). It’s still at the same location, same prices, same times. Just the name has changed!
I’m always on the look-out for fun places to take my kids that aren’t too far away since I have a close-to-debilitating aversion to driving in Seoul, so when I came across the “Amazing Riding Kids Park” on a discount ticket website (ticketmonster.co.kr) and found that it was only about 15 minutes away–I immediately made plans to go with a few friends and their kids!The general premise of the large indoor playground is “riding” (it’s not just a clever grammatically confused name!), and there are a number of things for kids to ride–race cars, tricycles, bumper cars, motorized animals, trains… But according to the photos I saw online, there was also plenty for my almost 24 month old daughter to do–a ball pit with slides, trampolines, a bounce house as well as a separate toddler playroom.So our adventure to the Amazing Riding Kids Park begins…

Getting to the parking lot of TechnoMart was challenge #1. The building (which also houses an Emart and a CGV movie theater) is on the “wrong” side of the road since we approached it from the north. My hopelessly inefficient GPS took us on some crazy side-streets and strange traffic circles, but despite the detours, we all arrived in with our sanity intact, parked the car and began our quest for the 6th floor.

Challenge #2: Getting to the 6th floor where the Amazing Riding Kids Park is located. We parked right outside the elevator lobby, so one would think that we could simply press a button, get on the elevator, press another button and arrive on the 6th floor. Not in Korea! 😉 Two of the four elevators didn’t work, and when one of them finally arrived, 4 adults and 5 children piled into the elevator, looked for the button to the 6th floor, couldn’t find it, got off, asked a janitor who was standing nearby, and he directed us to another elevator lobby because apparently, those elevators only serviced certain floors–the 6th floor not included. Next, instead of finding the other elevator lobby, we ended up in Emart where we located an elevator that specifically stated it went up to the 6th floor (there was actually a chart above the 2 elevators–one said it went to the 6th floor, the other did not). We got in, found the button for the 6th floor. Pressed it. Pressed it again. Went up to the 1st floor. Pressed 6 again. Went back down to B1. Got off the elevator. Asked an Emart employee. Found out that the elevators are on a timer and because the Amazing Riding Kids Park doesn’t open until 10:30am, the elevators won’t go to the 6th floor until 10:30. Looked at my watch. 10:29am. 30 seconds later, got back on the elevator. Pressed 6. Success! The children even cheered.

We got to the entrance and since I had reserved tickets in advance, it was all smooth sailing from there! We were given plastic bags to put our shoes and coats in, and the lobby area is lined with lockers to store your things (with a non-refundable 500KRW coin). Strollers also have to be left out in the lobby.

With all our stuff put away, we made our way into an absolute wonderland of Fun Stuff for Kids!

The best part was, we virtually had the entire place to ourselves the whole time we were there (from 10:30am to 1pm). There were a handful of other children and parents, but mostly, our kids ran free, rode everything multiple times and didn’t have to wait in line. My kids don’t do well with large crowds, so this really was perfect for them.

Each of the “rides” have attendants that help kids onto the various vehicles, strap them in, and help in case they get stuck or if there’s a mini traffic jam of little people. All of the children had a wonderful time. And all of the adults joined in on the fun at one point or another!

The BEST bumper cars ever! They’re inflatable tubes that move in all directions AND spin around in circles!
Miniature African “safari” train ride
Rides for toddlers in the Toddler Room
A mini-Lexus on the “Race Track”
Motorized stuffed animals? Yes, please!

They also have a set of trampolines that are clearly marked for separate ages–a small one for ages 0-3, a medium one for ages 4-7, and a larger one for ages 7-11. The ball pit was also a huge hit.

There’s also a sizable cafe area for parents to sit and relax. They serve drinks, coffee, and snacks as well as a few meal options (ddukbokki, noodles, spaghetti, udon, etc.). Drinks ranged from about 1,000KRW for bottled water to 2,500KRW for juice, and food ranged from 2,500KRW for a hot dog to 8,000KRW for spaghetti. Like most kid cafes, outside food and drinks are not allowed.
And if all that’s not enough to entertain your children for hours, there were also a couple of Xbox Kinects that children amazingly have the ability to figure out, despite not being able to read any of the directions.
After 2 and a half hours of play, we decided to venture out and look for some real food. With all the excitement and the running around, our children were apparently STARVING. The staff told us to go to the food court on B1 (there are also restaurants on the 10th floor), but I’m definitely glad we went to the food court. With such a big group, the options were amazing at the food court, AND the ever-elusive high chairs were available in abundance!
All in all, a wonderful place to take the kids. Just look at these happy faces!
We’ll definitely be going back!
Children: 16,000KRW (under 24 month FREE – must show proof of age)
Adults: 8,000KRW
*No time limit*
Seoul-si, Guro-gu, Guro-dong, 3-25 Shindorim TechnoMart 6th floor
Parking: Garage parking available. 3 hours free with validation, 1,000KRW for each additional hour
Shindorim Station, Lines 1 and 2, exit directly into the TechnoMart complex (follow signs for Technomart)
Weekdays – 10:30am to 6:00pm (last entry at 5:00pm)
Weekends – 10:30am to 8:00pm (last entry at 5:00pm)
Phone: 02.2111.6004
Payment: Cash and credit card accepted