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Weekly Meal Planning

As I mentioned recently in a previous post, I started meal planning a few months ago. I was tired of the “what are we eating for dinner?” panic attacks every afternoon around 3pm, rummaging through the fridge and pantry to try and whip something up before the 6pm deadline. The first several weeks, I spent my entire Friday night googling and reading recipes, going through ingredients and trying to figure out what to feed my hungry horde (exciting, huh?). The focus on fresh, healthy ingredients and my husband going on Whole30 made the beginning of this venture a bit more challenging for me, but thankfully, Pinterest always has my back!

There are so many wonderful recipes to try, but time is a very large, limiting factor in my meal planning. During the week, I need recipes that don’t require too much prep work because my 2 year old daughter is usually grabbing my legs and trying to climb back into the womb every day during dinner prep. Either that, or she’s trying to burn the house down/kill herself by playing with the oven controls or reaching up onto the counter for every sharp, dangerous item she can find. Between chopping vegetables, mixing marinades and seasoning meats–I like to keep prep work under 30 minutes. Cook time doesn’t matter as much since by the time I actually cook food, my husband’s home from work and can keep the kids occupied while I get dinner on the table. Also, I’ve really come to love slow cooker meals. Meats come out so wonderfully juicy and tender, plus I don’t have to cook anything in the early evenings–AKA my daughter’s witching hour. However, I’m out of the house every Tuesday/Thursday morning, so I can’t prep slow cooker meals on those days–I figured this out the hard way!

Now that I’m several weeks into the meal planning adventure, it takes about 10-15 minutes every Friday evening to plan a week’s worth of meals and make my grocery list. And, of course, having a pretty printout that looks nice on the refrigerator is of primo importance! So here it is…

Weekly Menu and Grocery List

Click on the links below to download the PDF files! Enjoy!

weekly menu

grocery list