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Post-Birthday Craftiness

With Penelope’s first birthday party behind me, I’ve had a chance to dabble in some other crafty projects. Most of the projects have been little ones, mostly because the house isn’t entirely unpacked yet and I can’t really justify pouring myself into large projects when there are still boxes stacked up in the far corners of the house where I can continue to ignore them without feeling too guilty. 😉

Anyway, I’ve been practicing with the sewing machine, mostly working with scrap fabrics so I don’t feel bad when something doesn’t work out. This has happened quite a bit. Haha!

When I came back from my parents’ house, my mom sent me home with a stack of fabric samples. The people who lived in her apartment before her owned a curtain business and left tons of fabric samples in the storage room. With the little squares of fabric, I made new couch cushions for our couch. I would have loved to put in zippers, but A) I don’t really know how to do that and B) the squares of fabric were BARELY enough to make the cushion covers. I’m pleased with how they turned out, and I figure that if the cushions get dirty, I have a whole stack of fabric to make new ones with!

I can now officially say that I can sew in a straight line. Woohoo!

During various naptimes, I’ve worked on some small items such as this cute little headband. The headband was made using a pair of tights that Penny’s grown out of. Cheers for upcycling fabric! The crochet flower is something that I’d made quite some time ago. It was easy enough to stick it right on.

I also put together this dapper little bow tie:

 A couple pairs of baby leggings, which I’m obsessed with now since the weather is getting warmer and baby leggings with a onesie are such a convenient way to dress baby. Makes diaper changes and getting dressed to go out so super easy.

 And finally, the biggest thing I’ve worked on lately is this crochet R2D2. Charlie has been asking me for a yarn R2D2 since before we moved… He’s finally stopped asking. 😉