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Pattern: Flower Lens Buddy

flower lens buddy

I have several wonderfully talented photographer-friends, which is great for someone who loves to make things for babies and young children. In addition to all the adorable photo props I’ve made for them and their tiny clients, they’ve been requesting¬†some camera-specific items, the camera buddy or lens buddy being one of them. I currently have several in the works, and eventually, the patterns will be available for purchase, but here’s a pattern for one I whipped up for a friend. It’s quick and easy, and such a great way to get little ones to LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!! ūüėČ


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Small amounts of worsted weight yarn (two colors)
5.0mm crochet hook (size H)
Elastic hair tie
Tapestry needle (optional, for weaving in ends)


With Color A (for center of flower)
Round 1: 36 sc around the elastic hair tie. Sl st to join with first sc. [36 sc]

Crochet elastic hair tie

Round 2: Ch 1. 2 hdc in 1st sc. Hdc in next 3 sc. *2 hdc in next sc. Hdc in next 3 sc. Repeat from * around. Sl st to join with first hdc. [45 hdc] Finish off and cut yarn.

With Color B (for petals)
Round 3: Attach yarn. Ch 1. *Sc in 1st, 2nd and 3rd st. Ch 2, turn. Dc in 1st st (the 3rd sc you just made before turning). 2 dc in next st. Dc in 3rd st. Ch 2, turn. Dc2tog 2 times. Sl st evenly down the left side of the petal, making the last sl st at the base of the first petal. One petal made. Moving on to the next st in the round, continue from * and repeat around until you reach the end. [15 petals] Sl st to beginning st of 1st petal to join. Finish off and weave in ends.

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