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Free Pattern: Winter Crochet Headband


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I’m well into the process of closing up my jkwdesigns pattern shop on Etsy (and also Ravelry and Craftsy). All of my original patterns will eventually be available on my blog for free. As I’ve (very slowly) been working on getting those patterns online, this particular pattern–the Winter Crochet Headband–is the most exciting because for several years now, it has been my most popular pattern!

It is a very simple pattern and absolutely suitable for beginners, and the best part is, the finished product looks amazing!

Basic Skills Necessary:

  • single crochet
  • increase
  • decrease


Pattern Description:

This pattern is for the HEADBAND ONLY. It does not include the flower that is pictured above; however, a video tutorial for the flower can be found here.

This trendy headband is great for beginners–single crochets and basic increases and decreases. That’s all! The mock-ribbing gives the headband a unique texture and also gives it quite a bit of stretch.

One size fits most, but the pattern is very easily adjustable to different head circumferences.

Click here to get the FREE PATTERN: Winter Crochet Headband

Enjoy, and happy crocheting!


If you’re interested in variations on the crochet headband pattern, using different crochet stitches, you can find two more FREE crochet headband patterns as well as patterns for two unique crochet flowers here!


The Sound of Silence?

Is it actually silent in this house? I can’t believe it… Well, the baby’s asleep–finally–after her morning marathon feeding, and my parents have taken the boys out to lunch. Normally, I would take advantage of Lady Penelope’s nap time to take a nap myself, but there’s just too much to be done. I feel like I haven’t been able to accomplish ANYTHING lately. My darling, sweet, beautiful daughter has been feeding like a maniac for the past two weeks. I understand that she’s getting bigger and building up my milk supply, but from about 8:30am to noon and 5pm to midnight, this little creature is like a milk-sucking vampire who won’t let go of the boob. Thankfully, she doesn’t do this at night. She gets up once around 4am, eats, goes back to sleep and is satisfied until 8:30am. Ah, well… I suppose this too will pass. And really, I will ONLY allow it because she’s so cute. 😉

At 5.5 weeks, she has officially outgrown newborn sized clothes, which is nice because we only had a few items that were newborn sized. Her teeny tiny little ankles have put a good amount of fat on them, but they’re still too small for the straps of the baby booties I knit for her. Sadly, now her feet are too long to fit in them. 🙁 It’s always a gamble when making something for a newborn.

Anyway, I better get a move on. The big boys will be home soon, and I’ve still got a million things I want to get done.

Newborn Photo Session

So in the days before Penelope was born, I spent quite a bit of time online, reading articles about how to take good photos of newborns, looking at and pinning photo/examples of poses… So once Penny made her entrance into the world, I had to get going!

The biggest issue is time. From what I’ve read, you have about a 10 day window for taking those photos where you can pretty much pose the baby in whatever seemingly unnatural pose your heart desires. After that, not only do babies lose the adorable fetal curl, but they also don’t want to do what YOU want them to do!

So our first photo shoot was more successful in that I could get her to do what I wanted…

(BTW, the pattern for this particular get-up is available in my Etsy shop!)

But this was my first time taking photos, and because she as born a week earlier than anticipated and two weeks before her due date, I wasn’t prepared for all the different photos I wanted to take. So when she was 8 days old, I planned another photo session, one that involved DH who would not only be there to help pose her and hold her in place, but I wanted some shots of Baby Girl in his hands. Well, unexpected guests stopped by, which put an end to my plans for a photo shoot with Daddy… However, I escaped with my sleeping little one and managed to get a few more shots.

So finally, yesterday, Day 10, another beautiful, sunny day, I made plans for more photos. Only she was terribly uncooperative. It was a growth spurt day, so she spent the ENTIRE day nursing, and she hardly slept, so getting good photos of her was very difficult.

(Garden gnome and green turtle pattern to come!) 
So after having taken photos on Day 5, 8, and 10… I have to say that I should have done as much as possible on Day 5 because it gets more and more difficult as baby gets older. I know it’s only a matter of days, but they change SO quickly! Penelope no longer curls her legs into the fetal position as easily as she used to, and on Day 10, if I moved her hand, she’d move it back to where she wanted it instead of where I wanted it! 
My newborn photo taking frenzy may be over, but there’s lots more photos of my sweet Penelope to come. I’m sure of that!