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Making my own sewing patterns

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get a sewing machine. I love it. And now, I want a serger. Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about making clothes. I remember back when I was about 10 or so, I used to draw all these ridiculous dresses and outfits I wanted to make. I should have studied fashion design.

I’ve figured out how to draw out my own patterns using clothes that currently fit my daughter. Everything I’ve made so far is pretty much limited to an 18 month size… But I figure I’ll work out 24 month size soon. 😉

Here are the things I’ve made for Miss Penelope, all using repurposed/upcycled materials. Woohoo! I still haven’t made it to the fabric market as there’s absolutely no way I would be able to navigate the place with three kids in tow… Someday… But until then, I’m cutting up all the old t-shirts and bedsheets I can find!

Asymmetric pleated dress made from a t-shirt

2 layer dress with deep v-back made from a t-shirt and bedsheets

Bubble dress made from a t-shirt

Shift dress made from a pillowcase and an old skirt

Tunic made from a bedsheet and t-shirt scraps

Peplum Jacket Version 2.0

Last week’s peplum jacket for Miss Penelope didn’t quite work out according to plan. I’d hoped to put buttons on it, but when I cut the pieces, I didn’t account for that. Oh whoops… So I added a little piece of fabric on the front and used velcro to close it. It actually worked out pretty well. I also made the sleeves a smidge too narrow. So obviously, I had to try again. Too bad DH’s old khakis weren’t big enough for two jackets… But that’s okay because I’m apparently a hoarder who doesn’t throw anything away. I had an old Ikea couch cover that I should have tossed before we moved to Korea, but I’m definitely glad I didn’t. It’s a nice thick material–perfect for a jacket.

This jacket seriously kicked my ass. I tried pleats and darts for the first time. I hadn’t intended to try darts… But a bit of incorrect measurements on my part led me in that direction. I had to make the pleated peplum twice because the first time, I made it backwards. :-/ But when it was all done… I was quite pleased with the finished product! And now I can say I know how to do pleats and darts.