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Easter Party for Little Ones w/ Free Printable!

easter party

I love throwing parties, and I never really need an excuse, but I especially love holidays because they’re the perfect reason to invite friends over for food and fun! We regularly host play dates at our house, but with Easter approaching, and a limited number of Easter activities on post (the military base), I decided to host our own little Easter party and egg hunt for my children and their friends. Generally, because holiday activities are so limited here, attendance is high, and the Easter egg hunt on post isn’t terribly toddler/preschooler friendly. The little ones are usually a little too overwhelmed, and the eager big kids make it a bit difficult for the little ones to search for eggs.

My plan for the party:

  • Coffee and pastries for the moms (keeping it simple!)
  • 2 no/little mess craft activities (with 14 kids aged 21 months – 5 year, I didn’t want to risk having my house absolutely destroyed!)
  • Easter bingo (a FREE downloadable printable from artsyfartsymama.com)
  • Treat bags
  • Easter egg hunt

I asked the moms to bring some decorated eggs and basket(s) for their child(ren).

No-mess Craft Activities:

Last week, I prepared a craft activity for my kids’ Friday morning play group by cutting out about a billion eggs from card stock to make this beautiful paper egg–well, only 14, but it felt like a billion! 😉

IMG_7197The craft was actually a big hit with the moms… And I loved my kids’ creations so much that they’re now framed and sitting on the console table in our entryway as our official Easter decor! This is definitely a craft that’s hard to mess up.

easter decor

I used the large egg template found here, and since last week’s craft only called for the “frame” of the egg cutout, I had 14 egg cut-outs that hadn’t been used. I had a large bowl full of colorful craft buttons, so egg cut-outs + buttons + glue and voila! The easiest craft ever!

easy paper easter egg craft

The toddlers especially had a great time sticking the buttons on the paper egg shapes, and most of them needed very little help–win-win!

For the preschool bunch (ages 4-5), I pre-cut bunny ears, paper plates and whiskers, so all the kids had to do was assemble the pieces. If our group had been slightly smaller, I would have let the kids cut the bunny ears out on their own, but with so many kids and toddlers in the house, scissors–even safety scissors–didn’t seem like the good idea.

paper plate bunny mask

I used a free template/printable for the ears that are actually for bunny ear headbands, but this worked well since two sets of ears printed on a single page. Also, I’ve tried lots of different shaped ears for various crafts over the years, and these work the best. The taller the ears, the less likely they’ll actually stand up. In fact, most templates for bunny ears WON’T stand unless you use cardboard or foam core. For these ears, card stock works, but you’ll want to double up on the paper plate, especially if you’re using the super-cheap, flimsy kind. 😉

The bunny whiskers are approximately 7 inches long and 1/2 inch thick strips of construction paper. Simply curl the ends by using a butter knife and curl just as you would curling ribbon.

All the kids have to do is glue the pieces together and tape a popsicle stick on the bottom back. It’s basically a quick, easy, instant-gratification craft for the kids. And really, who doesn’t want to see a bunch of little bunnies hopping around?

Easter Bingo

The very talented Artsy Fartsy Mama created these adorable Bingo cards and game pieces that my kids ADORE:

Easter Bingo


We’ve played this at home, at play group, and now at our Easter party, and it’s always a success. The best part is, the game can continue until each and every child has had a chance to yell out “BINGO!” and all is right with the world for preschoolers. It can be downloaded and printed from here, and you can also find loads of other amazing printables on her site.

Easter Party Decor

Since my kids were “hosting” their very first Easter party and egg hunt, I needed to make up some special party decorations and treat bag tags!

Easter DecorSo I have a few free printables for you! A “Happy Easter” sign, a “welcome to our party” sign, treat bag covers, and a sign for the treats–Easter egg seeds!

All of the printables are designed to be printed on 8.5×11 on the BORDERLESS setting. The treat bag covers work best with card stock, but it can be printed on regular paper as well. There are 4 bag covers per page. Just cut them into strips, wrap around a little baggie filled with jelly beans or other little egg-shaped candy, and staple closed at the top!

Click here to download easter printables pack

easter eggs

And what’s an Easter egg hunt without Easter eggs??? If you’re interested in the eggs I decorated for the party, click here to read about it.

The night before the party, as I was wrapping up the prep work, I realized that I forgot to buy my kids Easter baskets. While I understand that it’s not the end of the world and my kids would have been perfectly happy to run around with plastic shopping bags, they were the HOSTS of the party! So I scrambled to find *something* I could turn into an Easter basket. Fast. So I made these:

Personalized easter baskets

Out of tampon boxes! I just covered them with pretty scrapbooking paper, punched holes in the sides, made handles with yarn, and glued on the kids’ initials. My babies were thrilled to have personalized Easter baskets. 🙂 Now, I just need to figure out what to do with the piles of tampons I dumped on my bathroom floor…

Easter egg hunt

The egg hunt was a huge success! If you’re thinking of hosting an egg hunt for small children (toddlers and preschoolers), here are a few tips:

  • Keep it small. We limited the space the kids could search in and hid quite a few eggs in a relatively small space. This kind of forced the kids to be aware of their surroundings and “share” with other kids–always important lessons!
  • Hide approximately 12 eggs per 3-5 year old and 6 eggs per 0-2 year old. May seem like a lot, but kids (I should say “humans”) are competitive! This allows the older ones to find enough to satisfy and for the younger ones to also find a few.
  • Like most things kids do, they needed some simples rules: no running and no snatching eggs away from the babies. Easy to remember, easy to follow.
  • Another random tip about Easter egg hunts–smaller baskets make for happier children! Kids with large baskets who found 10 eggs wanted to find more. There’s so much more room in their massive baskets! But the kids with smaller baskets who found the same number of eggs and had overflowing baskets their baskets were THRILLED with their loot!

egg hunt

Happy Easter!