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Pattern: Mugunghwa, the National Flower of Korea

mugunghwa crochet pattern

This flower pattern was written in memory of those who lost their lives aboard the Sewol off the South Korean coast on the morning of April 16, 2014. The mugunghwa, or the Rose of Sharon, is the national flower of Korea, and it has long held significance in Korean history and culture. Koreans have treasured the mugunghwa flower for centuries, and its name stems from the word mugung, which means immortality. The flower is incredibly resilient, so as the national flower, it reflects the enduring spirit, the perseverance and the determination of the people and culture.

But mostly, I just wanted to make something beautiful during this dark time… And as I worked on this, I thought about the stories of the heroes that have emerged like Park JiYoung, Kim KiWoong, and Jeong HyunSeon–people who gave bravely and selflessly. They truly are the epitome of what the mugunghwa flower symbolizes. Their spirit endures…

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Small amount of worsted weight yarn (in 2 colors for flower and yellow for stamen)
4.00mm crochet hook (size G)
tapestry needle

A note on colors: While the flower can be made in a variety of colors of your choice, the mugunghwa that serves as the Korean national flower is the dansim variety, which has a dark pink or red center. It is most commonly found in light pink with a dark pink/red center or in white with a dark pink/red center. Other varieties are the baekdal (pure white) and the yeesadal (pale pink flower with darker pink specks on the petals).

Flower Pattern:

Round 1: With Color A, make a magic loop and make 5 sc in the loop. Pull yarn tightly to close hole. Do not cut yarn.

Round 2: Attach Color B to beginning of round and ch 5. Sl st in next sc to join. Continue to Ch 5 and sl st in next sc until you reach beginning of round. Last sl st should be in the beginning sc. Finish off and cut yarn.

Round 3: In Round 3, you will be making individual petals, one at a time, while continuing to work in the round, eliminating the need to sew individual petals onto the center.

Row 1 of petal: With Color A, sc in back loop only of each of the 5-ch. [5 sc] Ch 1 and turn.
Row 2 of petal: Sc in first 2 st. 2 sc in next st. Sc in last 2 st. [6 sc] Ch 1 and turn.
Row 3 of petal: Sc in first 2 st. 2 sc in next st. Sc in last 3 st. [7 sc] Ch 1 and turn.
Row 4 of petal: Sc in first 3 st. 2 sc in next st. Sc in last 3 st. [8 sc] Ch 1 and turn.
Row 5 of petal: Sc in first st. Dc in next st. Sl st in next st. Ch 2. Dc in next 3 st. Ch 2 and sl st in same st as last dc. Dc in next st. Sc in last st. Sl st evenly down left side of the petal (4 sl st). The last sl st should be at the bottom of the petal.
Petal complete.

Continue on to the next petal by returning to the next 5-ch and beginning again with Row 1 of petal. Repeat the petal pattern 4 more times and complete the flower with a sl st in the first st of the first petal.

mugunghwa tutorial
1) View of work once Round 2 is complete. 2) Sc into back loops only of each 5-ch. 3) View of work once one petal is complete. 4) View of work once all 5 petals are complete (prior to sewing down petals and adding stamen).


Finish off and leave a long tail to pin the petals in place. The petals overlap one another on one side, creating a slight swirl of petals as they emerge from the center of the flower. Using a tapestry needle, simply stitch the petals in place on the back of petals. Weave in ends.


Ch 11. 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 2 sc in each ch. Finish off, leaving a long tail to stitch stamen to center of flower. The piece that you have just made will curl in on itself. Carefully tighten the coil and use the tail to stitch the coil together so that it remains coiled. Sew onto the center of the flower. Weave in ends.