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Free Printable: Star Wars Lunchbox Notes

I’m a little bit obsessed with packing lunch for my new little kindergarteners. I think it gives me a way to channel my nervousness and anxiety about them being away from me every day. It’s hard sending my babies off to school… I used to be the single most influential person in their lives. They spent just about every waking moment (and some sleeping moments too!) with me. Now, they’re off at school for nearly 7 hours/day. I pick them up from school and drop them off at their martial arts class, and they don’t get home until almost 4pm, and with a bedtime of 7pm… I only see my sweet baby boys for 3 hours! So after they snuggle into their beds for the night, I get to work in the kitchen and spend a few moments putting together a lunch that reminds them of home, and maybe (in a gentle way) lets them know that Mommy is thinking about them as they scarf down their lunches! 😉 

So here my little lunch creations for my Star Wars loving boys from our first week of kindergarten: 

Star cut-out ham and cheese sandwiches with steamed carrots, apple and peach slices, pretzels, cheese stick and a couple of cookies (of course!)
Beef bulgogi with mushrooms and carrots, heart and bear shaped rice balls, seaweed, kimchi, cherry tomatoes, grapes and Spiderman gummies!
Lightning bolt cut-out sandwiches, fruit medley (bananas, peach, kiwi and cherry tomatoes), pretzels, cheese sticks, and a piece of chocolate chip bread
Kimbab and a hard boiled egg with wink smiley face cut out from seaweed and flower shaped carrots and cucumbers!


Now that the fun, the highs and lows, the excitement and the meltdowns, and the new schedules of the first week of school have come to an end… Here are some free Star Wars lunchbox notes for your favorite little Star Wars fan’s meal away from home! 

Star Wars Lunchbox Notes


Click here to download the pdf: Star Wars Lunchbox Notes