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Happy New Year!

I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to, but trying to find the time during the day to actually sit down at the computer and do something substantial with 3 kids running around and demanding my attention… However, I am committing myself to working on improving my blog this year. I’ve been making a list for the past couple of years of tutorial and patterns that I want to write up. And THIS IS THE YEAR!

So anyway, to start the year off right, Happy New Year from the jkwdesigns munchkins–AKA Bumblebee, Little Bunny Penny and Optimus Prime.

Digging myself out!

In the past few days, I’ve managed to dig myself out from beneath the mass of boxes, packing paper, damaged furniture, sweat and tears that a move the the other side of the world with three children under the age of 4 inevitably brings with it. Our house still needs a lot of work, but it’s now our home, which after two months of travel and living out of hotels–I couldn’t be happier.

With the new house in its various states of unpacking chaos, I haven’t really had a chance to work on much. I did find time, however, to design a new hat, cowl and fingerless mitt trio. I still have a few finishing touches to put on the pattern, but here are some photos of my handiwork!
I’m really excited for this pattern to go live, mostly because I haven’t had a chance to put anything new up in a while. I’ve had so many ideas swirling around in my head and not enough time to really dedicate to it.
Also, in the early phases of pattern writing is a hat I worked on with leftover yarn for Miss Penelope. Penny really needed a hat that she couldn’t pull off because she pulled a hat off while on my back in the Ergo. It’s so sad to lose something that you spent so much time making. Anyway, Penny can’ t just have any little hat. It needed to be extra cute to match the ridiculously cute hats her brothers go out in! 😉 So I worked on this bunny hat, and I worked especially hard to get these ears to stand up.
It still needs so work, but I’m hoping to have it all worked out in the next couple of weeks.
And finally… I managed to get my new sewing machine out of the box, and best of all… I actually sewed something!
It’s just a tiny little thing for Penny, but it’s a start. And I’m happy to say that I made it out of a pillowcase. I now have all these new ideas for how to use old sheets and clothes that the kids have grown out of. If only I could sew better. 😉
Anyway, I suppose it’s time to call it a night. There’s a load of laundry to fold, and my bedtime is fast approaching…

More Projects

I’ve been a busy, busy crafting mama lately… Both for the holidays and for getting my butt in gear and actually OPENING my Etsy shop–jkwdesigns!!! So here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

1) Lots of crochet flowers. I’m experimenting. After writing the Plumeria pattern, I decided I needed more flowers in my crafty life. I’m working on a magnolia pattern right now, one that doesn’t require the sewing on of all those petals. I’m hoping that I can design one where at least the back row of petals are worked as one piece. I hate sewing individual knit/crochet pieces together.

2) Hats for gifts:

I used the Big Button Hat pattern for these, but obviously made one shorter than the other… I made the pink one first, and despite not knitting as many rounds as the pattern called for, the hat was still huge, so I made the second hat slightly shorter. I like the shorter one better, but it’s just personal preference as I don’t like hats to cover my eyebrows!

3) A growth chart for Charlie and Lincoln. The Caffeinated Mommy from Creative Momnesia, which I must say has been sadly neglected lately, found this adorable DIY growth chart, so I had to make one for each of the boys. I suppose I could have just made one for all the kids, but then which one would I give it to once they’re older and having their own kids? So I’ve made two. Just one more to go for Lady Penelope!

4) I spent an inordinate amount of time designing a business card for my Etsy shop. Because I make ridiculous hats for my boys and take them out in public wearing said ridiculous hats, I’m often asked where I got them (the hats, not the boys). I wanted to have some business cards that I could give out to these inquisitive mamas! And after much twiddling, I went with an elegant cherry blossom design (I LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOMS!), and tried to print OVER.AND.OVER.AGAIN. With no luck. After I had essentially ruined the 7th sheet of business card paper, I did a quick Google search and discovered that it wasn’t just me. My particular printer is actually incapable of printing the margins properly on the Avery Clean-Edge business cards. I felt vindicated! So I went online and just ordered some. 500 cards printed and delivered to my door for $20. I can handle that. Considering that I wasted about $10 worth of business card paper, the $20 is a small price to pay!

This is just the front side of the card–the back side gives some more details about what I make. I think it turned out kinda nice! I’m going to modify if for the banner on my Etsy shop.

Now, I just need someone to buy something! I only have 10 items listed right now, but it takes time to make things, and that’s definitely something that I don’t have enough of… Time. I told DH last night that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do… And he looked at me like I’m crazy–mostly because he doesn’t really understand why I create MORE work for myself by wanting to knit and crochet and write patterns and craft…when I can barely keep up with the dishes and laundry and grocery shopping and vacuuming and my millions of prenatal appointments… *sigh* I don’t really have an answer!

Glee Knitting Projects Complete!

My Glee Knitting Projects are complete and have been sent off to…somewhere with the hopes that they’ll either be used on the show or given to the actors. My hat for Finn/Cory Monteith was completed a while back, and I’m pretty sure I shared a rather crappy photo of it. However, seeing how beautiful some of the other projects were, I kind of felt bad for Finn. So I made him another hat. 🙂

Here are the two hats:

This is the original hat, made with Berroco’s Vintage Chunky, a machine washable wool blend. I used a free pattern called Hat Fit for a Boyfriend, and as GradSchoolKnitter warned me, following the pattern would produce a hat that’s quite short, barely covering the top of the ears, so I added an inch before I began the decreases. DH actually really liked the hat and wants me to make one for him to match the scarf I made him a few years ago. I just need to find matching yarn somewhere…

For the second hat, I used the second skein of Vintage Chunky (I bought two and only needed one for the first hat), and I had a bit of leftover Vintage Chunky in a beautiful blue color for some stripes. the pattern is Turn a Square, which can be downloaded for free from Ravelry. I didn’t have too much of the blue yarn, so I was only able to make four rows of stripes, but still turned out pretty nice.

I wish I was able to take a photo of the crown of both of these hats, but it’s pretty much impossible to take a photo of the crown of your own head… :-p I need to get a mannequin head. DH laughed at me when I first mentioned it, but now he agrees because he’s not too crazy about the idea of modeling hats for me.

Originally, I’d wanted to knit something for Mercedes/Amber Riley, but by the time I signed up for the project, she was already taken. But, as it turned out, the person who signed up was unable to complete the project, so I had a few days to crank something out for her. I wasn’t able to make what I originally wanted because DK yarn on size 5 needles takes forever… So I held two strands of worsted weight yarn together and using size 15 needles, made this beautiful cowl for Mercedes/Amber in two nights!  And the best part is, I made this with a lovely alpaca/wool blend yarn that I picked up on clearance for $0.99/skein! It took 3 full skeins to knit this up, using the very simple pattern, Bulky Knit Cowl. I love it!

So my projects are complete with gift tags and all… I put them in the mail today, and if they end up on the show… I’ll definitely be blogging about it! 😉

Ratchet and Clank Hats in Progress

Here are the prototypes for the Ratchet and Clank hats in progress: 
The ears for Ratchet, on the left, haven’t been attached yet, and I don’t know that I’ll get that far because A) they’re a bit too big, B) the color for the stripes on his ears aren’t right, and C) I’m not happy with the way the little peak in the center of the hat turned out. Ratchet wears an aviator hat, and it would probably look better if I made a proper aviator hat, but I wanted to add Ratchet’s eyebrows in the bit of yellow yarn in the bottom center… As for the stripes on the ears, I purchased a rust colored yarn, which I think is much closer to the actual color of his stripes. 
As for Clank, I’m not really sure what to do… The problem is that Ratchet’s hat is so much more fun with the huge ears sprouting out like horns. Clank needs something more exciting… Obviously, I’ve only made one eye so far. 😉 Also, Clank’s antennae should be a darker gray… Decisions, decisions… The only thing I’m absolutely sure of is that I’ve got to get started on round 2 of Clank’s hat! 
Anyway, I’m moving forward…