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Free Printable: Halloween Treat Bag Tags


Halloween is fast approaching, and if your child(ren)’s school is anything like my kids’, then you’ve been volun-told/tasked/guilt-tripped into preparing treat bags for your child’s class! A couple years ago, I made some “Ghostly Grub” for my boys’ class, which was a HUGE hit with the children. It’s super easy to make and these treat bag tags will top off your hard work perfectly!


Recipe for Ghostly Grub:

Combine the following:

Chex cereal – Monster Scabs
Pretzel sticks – Skeleton Bones (*Optional – cover the pretzel sticks with melted white chocolate or candy melts)
Candy Corn – Jack-o-lantern Teeth
Chocolate chip morsels – Witch’s Warts
Marshmallows – Ghost Poop

I put the mixture into ziplock bags, then placed the plastic bags into a cut up paper lunch bag. I wish I had had time to send the children outside to look for sticks, but living in a city without a yard or trees of our own, I realized that it was a bigger task than I could handle. I did, however, have some wooden chopsticks, which worked in a pinch to create broomsticks!


Both treat bag tags are available here for free: Just click on the image for the high-resolution jpeg and right click to download!




Ghostly Grub Tags






No Tricks, Just Treats! Tag



The tags measure approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, and I recommend using a 2.5 in circle punch to cut them out although scissors work just fine!

Happy Halloween! ??

More Seoul Life…

Preschool Adventures in Seoul

Over the past couple months as I’ve made the change over from my old Blogger blog to this new one, I’ve also thought about pulling together another blog of mine–Preschool Adventures in Seoul–into this one. My readership here at jkwdesigns has grown significantly recently, and about half of my visitors now are from Korea, so I’ve decided to bring it all together rather than trying to manage two separate blogs on two different platforms.

I realize that this means that some of my posts will be relevant to some of my subscribers, and some posts won’t be of any interest at all, but I hope that you’ll stick with me! Although I love crafting and cooking, and I love sharing new recipes and knitting and crocheting patterns, being a mom is at the absolute center of my life.

As part of Our Preschool Adventures in Seoul, I will also be importing an ongoing list of our favorite books as well as craft activities that the kids and I have worked on at home. Hopefully, this is information that moms with little ones will find useful. Thank you to everyone who visits my life over here…somewhere between the stitches!