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Kids Craft Ideas

**This is a page that I’ve imported from my Preschool Adventures in Seoul blog–now a part of the jkwdesigns site!**
I’ll be posting more about kids’ crafts, but this was way easier than making individual blog posts for each of these activities! Lazy importing… 😉
I’m a strong believer in the idea that LEARNING is not all about sitting at a desk and reading and writing (although that’s definitely important!), especially for younger children. We spend a lot of time doing non-book-based learning activities. Check it out!

Making dinosaurs out of paper cut-outs. I just cut some half-circles, squares and triangles out of card stock. The boys glued them onto a sheet of scrapbook paper and decorated with markers.

I bought these painting sets from Woot! for $2.50/ea. Each set came with 4 tubes of paint, a paintbrush and a 10×10 canvas with an outline of Lightning McQueen on it. At that price, I purchased 12 of them, and once the boys were done painting and had long forgotten about these projects, I re-used the canvases to make a 9 panel “painting” for my dining room! A win-win for all of us.

Easter eggs dyed with food coloring! And yes, the colors came out this vibrant! The kids colored on a few of them with crayon–the wax is supposed to prevent the dye from soaking into eggshell–but they didn’t work out too well. Nevertheless, the boys had fun dyeing the eggs and mixing colors!

We love painting! (More canvases from Woot!)

Play-doh can keep my kids busy for hours. This is Lincoln building Lightning McQueen out of Play-doh.

One of the greatest things that Korea has to offer is their scrumptious strawberries. Let the kids cover them in chocolate, and well… You become the Greatest Mom Ever!

Play-doh Optimus Prime.

Stuck at home in the sweltering summer heat? Fill some large kitchen bowls with water!

More painting fun! When we moved into our apartment, there were rolls and rolls of unused wallpaper that our realtor said he would have picked up. No one ever picked it up, so we’ve been using it as painting paper. It’s great–big enough to cover the entire table area and thick enough that the paint doesn’t soak through!

Macaroni is not just for eating!

And what about gummy letters? Only let your kids eat the candy they can spell with. 😉

Build a pirate ship out of a cardboard box.

Give your kids a dime for each pair of socks they match up. Kids love money. 😉

Our Thanksgiving tree! I cut the tree out of construction paper (several sheets taped together) and had the kids help cut the leaves. Every morning in November, they told me something that they were thankful for, I wrote it on the leaf, and they taped it up to the tree! We have floor to ceiling windows in our dining room, so it worked out well for us. Another idea would be to find a large tree branch, stick it in a vase and have kids put the leaves on the branches.

Made with cut up socks and rubber bands. Filled with rice. Messy, but cute!

Our Thanksgiving Tree

During the month of November, my boys had to think of something that they’re thankful for on a daily basis (surprisingly difficult for 4 year olds!). I wrote it on a leaf for them, and the boys taped the leaf up on the tree that I had put on our dining room window.

The tree and leaves were simply cut out of construction paper. I picked a simple leaf so the kids could help me cut them out (I evened out some edges for them, but their cutting skills were a HUGE help!). It was definitely a worthwhile venture though, even if I had to really push the boys to think of things they’re thankful for and 80% of the leaves have some sort of feed written on them…