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To All the Moms Who Need A Laugh Today

This Mother’s Day, my husband is out of town (and has been for over 3 weeks now–boohoo!), one of my sons is sick (double boohoo!), I have a giant heap of clean but unfolded laundry sitting on the floor of the living room, a sink full of dishes, and a pile of recycling that has overtaken the entryway… And when I woke up this morning to my little boy crying that his tummy hurt, I decided I needed some Mother’s Day humor to get me through the day.

So to all the moms out there who are feeling overwhelmed today, these are for you!

Mother's Day Humor 7 Mother's Day Humor 8 Mother's Day Humor 6 Mother's Day Humor 5 Mother's Day Humor 4 Mother's Day Humor 3 Mother's Day Humor 2 Mother's Day Humor 1

And if you’re looking for something to make you laugh on the other 364 days of the year, put these awesome little handmade gifts on your wish list: (Click on pictures to see items in their Etsy shops)


Funny Mom Pilow Funny Mom Mug 1 Funny Mom Card Funny Mom Mug 2 Funny Mom Mug 3


baby_head_mothers_day_card-1And here’s a little fun tidbit of information: We’ve all heard of “pregnancy brain,” right? Well, scientists say that pregnancy brain really does exist, and our memory loss actually lasts for years. Nice to know that our forgetfulness isn’t just a myth. But that’s not it. I came across this article today. Apparently, our brains deliberately make us forget things in order to preserve our sanity. So if you think about it… Pregnancy brain, or momnesia as I like to refer to it, is really a defense mechanism. To prevent us from losing our minds. So next time you walk into a room and can’t remember why… It’s God’s way of protecting us from going crazy. You’re welcome.

Happy Mother’s Day!