Ratchet and Clank Hats Complete–Finally!

It’s about time, huh? I’ve been working on these hats for months. I actually finished the Clank hat quite some time ago, but I just wasn’t happy with the Ratchet hat. I really wasn’t getting the aviator hat that I wanted, and even after I got that worked out, I had a lot of trouble actually attaching the ears to the hat. It’s much harder than it looks to sew something onto a rounded surface! It took me getting a mannequin head to attach the ears so that they were perfectly symmetrical. Plus, I got a bit derailed by all the other projects I’ve got going! I really should learn to finish one project before moving on to the next… But that’ll never happen… Anyway, here they are!

The pattern-writing part is going to be a bit more difficult because these hats were completely improvised, and I failed to write things down as I went. Aside from Rachet’s aviator hat, that is… Clank’s hat has so many pieces… I’ll have to re-create them in order to write the pattern properly. So that’s  next on my to-do list. Thanks to everyone for being patient with me. I’ve received a few messages for the pattern, and I promise–I’ll get there!


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