Peplum Jacket Version 2.0

Last week’s peplum jacket for Miss Penelope didn’t quite work out according to plan. I’d hoped to put buttons on it, but when I cut the pieces, I didn’t account for that. Oh whoops… So I added a little piece of fabric on the front and used velcro to close it. It actually worked out pretty well. I also made the sleeves a smidge too narrow. So obviously, I had to try again. Too bad DH’s old khakis weren’t big enough for two jackets… But that’s okay because I’m apparently a hoarder who doesn’t throw anything away. I had an old Ikea couch cover that I should have tossed before we moved to Korea, but I’m definitely glad I didn’t. It’s a nice thick material–perfect for a jacket.

This jacket seriously kicked my ass. I tried pleats and darts for the first time. I hadn’t intended to try darts… But a bit of incorrect measurements on my part led me in that direction. I had to make the pleated peplum twice because the first time, I made it backwards. :-/ But when it was all done… I was quite pleased with the finished product! And now I can say I know how to do pleats and darts. 


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