Crochet Throw Complete!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going back to the crochet hook to work on an afghan for my living room. Well, it’s finally done! It only took 3 weeks. 😉 Part of the reason why I enjoy sewing so much is because it doesn’t take long to complete a project. However, the satisfaction of finishing a knit or crochet project is just so much greater.

The design for the throw was inspired by log cabin afghans. I really liked the geometric design, but my living room is limited to 3 colors–black, white and gray. Although I’m open to the idea of introducing splashes of color to the room, I really didn’t want to commit to a bright pop of color in something that would take me so long to make. Most log cabin afghan designs are for 4+ colors, so I had to sketch my own design.

Here’s the original sketch, drawn on construction paper with crayons because honestly, that’s all I could find!

Once I had the design thought out, I really had to decide whether I was going to knit or crochet this. And after about 10 seconds of genuine consideration, I decided to crochet it. Considering how impatient I am with my knitting/crocheting (which is why I tend to stick to pint-sized projects), I didn’t think I could keep it together long enough to knit this thing, so I grabbed the crochet hook and got started.

Here’s the finished throw–I love it! And I think it looks great in the room. I finished it just in time too because my 17 month old daughter recently took a blue ballpoint pen and drew on my pristine white couch. My afghan can now cover it up. :-/

I’m about mid-way through the process of writing the pattern down, so hopefully in the next few days, I’ll have a free pattern to share! Stay tuned!


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