Yeouido Park

When you live in a city that’s cut in half by a river, it’s common to find yourself doing most of your daily living on the side of the river you live on. No matter how many bridges there are that cross the river, in a city like Seoul, the bridges are always backed up. However, on the bright side, we live very close to Mapo Bridge and with Chuseok this week, traffic has been absolutely heavenly. I just wish driving was like this all the time!

Anyway, after months of wanting to go, I finally made the drive across the bridge to Yeouido Park. My boys have been there many times this summer with their fun-loving uncle, but it’s been too hot to take my youngest, so I’ve never been. It was a bit of an impromptu trip, and I definitely could have planned a little better… But we had a blast.

I was pretty sure that the water fountains that run during the summer months had been turned off, so I wasn’t anticipating any water play… However, there was still plenty of water for the kids to play in. And when there’s water, they really can’t help themselves!  I can only imagine the kind of fun kids must have in the summer when the fountains are on!

Thankfully, my kids weren’t the only ones who threw themselves into the water fully dressed!

As for the rest of the park, there are walking paths, bike lanes, bike rentals (including bikes with kiddie seats on them–I was hoping for a bike with a trailer to put 2 kids in at once, but they didn’t have any. Since the kids outnumber the adults in my family, renting bikes isn’t in our future…), playgrounds, plenty of grass for kids to run around, ducks to feed, beautiful views, street food… And of course, the obligatory photo ops that are all over Korea!

We had a blast and will definitely make the trip across Mapo Bridge again to visit this park. The nearest subway stop is actually right next to the park–Yeouinaru Station on Line 5 if you don’t feel like driving. 



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