Seoul Forest

This week, I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having and took my babes to Seoul Forest. It was a bit of a trek for us via the subway, but closer than Children’s Grand Park, and despite not having a zoo or a museum (which Children’s Grand Park does), we had so much fun.

One of the big playgrounds there is one of the best I’ve been to, although it’s not quite 19 month old safe. There’s a large kid-friendly climbing wall and a gigantic slide that my boys really got a kick out of. My daughter loved it too, which made for an exhausting morning for me.

Right next to the playground is this large sculpture, which is actually a climbing structure for kids. It’s recommended for kids slightly older than our crew of 4 year olds, and Lincoln got his pants stuck on one part and I had to climb in to unhook him… But it’s still pretty cool.

There were loads of things for the kids to climb on and jump off of and crawl through… Overall, a great playground adventure!

Then, we wandered around and found some deer to feed! Apparently, there’s also an insect gallery and a butterfly garden, but since we couldn’t spend all day there, we had to leave those for another time.

We’ll definitely make another trip there in the near future–before it gets too cold. There place was just too big for us to try and see it all at once. I’d say that Seoul Forest was a big hit with our little guys!

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