Yellow Ribbons for Sewol

For the past week, my heart–like so many others–has been broken into a million pieces as I watched the news and read countless stories about the tragedy that hit South Korea. The world watched in horror as hundreds of children died, and I wept as I imagined how scared they must have been, how their parents waited helplessly as hope of rescue faded. Even as we celebrated Easter with our friends and family and as I took my kids to the playground and to T-ball practice, my thoughts continued to return to those lives lost and the parents who are currently living their worst nightmare.

The past several days, I’ve been thinking about somethinganything I could do… And I’ve felt so helpless. I’m in the process of writing a pattern for the national flower of Korea, the mugunghwa, or the Rose of Sharon. It’s nothing really in the grand scheme of things… But this morning, I noticed that there was suddenly a MASSIVE spike in visitors to my site from Korea, specifically to my ribbon appliqué pattern. I did some searching, and the visitors were directed to my blog from a Korean knitting forum as well as a couple of Korean knitting blogs. My ribbon pattern is now being used to make yellow ribbons in memory of those who died on the Sewol.

Ribbons for SewolThe pattern has also been translated into Korean.

I’m both honored and heartbroken.

If you use my pattern, I ask that you make one in yellow and say a prayer so that those who perished, those who lost loved ones, and those who survived may find peace.




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